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Series Break

Series Break


What are you really longing for?

Join us this weekend as we start our newest series, “Crave!” After this series, we hope that all of us would have a deeper understanding of the Bible, that in turn would help us grow in dependence and desire for God.


All of us are called to be a disciple and make disciples. We don’t need to be famous or successful to let people know about Jesus. But what does it mean to do extraordinary things in a normal and ordinary world?

We are starting a new series this weekend entitled, “Ordinary.” We hope that this series will help us renew or strengthen our perspective on making disciples—that God uses ordinary people like you and me to make disciples and do extraordinary things.

Fathers’ Day 2011

Our dads are God’s gifts to us. No doubt, we’ve received so much from them—whether it’s teaching us to ride a bike, working hard for us, giving us fun piggy back rides, or encouraging us to keep on keeping on. This is a fitting time for us to show our appreciation to them! We can be assured that honoring them also honors God and reaps a great reward.

NXT: Next Generation

We hear about it in songs and even from our national hero, but how convinced are we that the future rests in the hands of today’s young people?
Join us this weekend as we start our new series, “NXT.” We’ll find out about God’s heart for young people and His plans and purposes for them. We’ll also know our part in making their God-given destinies happen.

When God Doesn’t Make Sense

Have you ever been in a situation of extreme hopelessness? Did you doubt, complain to, or ask God for answers yet it seemed like nothing was happening? Be encouraged to know that even in our most incomprehensible situations, God is in control.

Join us this weekend as we start with our new series, “When God Doesn’t Make Sense.” Find out what God wants us to do and how we should relate to Him during our most challenging situations.

Series Break

Series Break

Access Granted

Do you know every benefit that Jesus’ work on the cross has made available for us? There is so much more about the cross that we have yet to discover!

Join us as we kick off our newest series, Access Granted, and let us enjoy the fullness of walking with Him.

Turning Point

Facing a crossroad is an opportunity for change. We just need to make the right choice to make it work for our good. Encountering Jesus is likewise—you cannot help but change!

Join us this weekend as we start our new series, entitled, “Turning Point.” The next three weeks will tell about how encountering Jesus has made major turnarounds for some people in the Bible, and how this can happen in our lives, too.


Love is a topic we all love talking about on radio stations, TV shows, and in our favorite songs. “All we need is love,” one song goes. But what is the kind of love that really fulfills and satisfies us?

Starting this February, we invite you to join our Philippine church, Victory Metro East’s new series: “LoveLife.” This series will help us gain the right perspective of love, sex, and marriage founded on God’s Word, and develop godly convictions that would result in a life that pleases God.


Each new year often brings excitement and anticipation for new beginnings, dreams, and goals to pursue. It is also a time to remember and claim God’s promises in our lives.

What better way to start this year than by taking hold of what God has in store for us, as written in His Word? Our very first series for 2011 entitled, Strong, encourages us to have the faith, strength, and courage to hold on to God’s promises, even in the midst of difficulties.

Year of the Lord’s Favor

Series BreakYear of the Lord’s Favor



2010 Highlights

Series Break2010 Highlights



Christmas Eve Service

Kings of Christmas

Christmas is just around the corner—many of us are excited to spend time with our families, give and receive gifts, and enjoy the holiday season. Yet do we really know what Christmas is all about, and why we even celebrate it in the first place?

We hope that the series, Kings of Christmas, will help us have the right perspective, response, and attitudes on why we celebrate this season.


OverflowThe Bible clearly has a lot to say about finance, money, and stewardship. In Overflow, we hope that all of us would understand how God intended for us to use wealth, which would lead us to grow in faith, greater stewardship, and generosity with our resources.


Serie Breaks

Series BreakSeries Break October 31, 2010




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Are We There Yet?

Are We There YetAre We There Yet?